Difference Between Skinny Jeans, Leggings & Jeggings

There are a lot of terms and labels out there for jeans and how they fit. Sometimes they can be a little confusing, so allow us to break it down for you so it’s easier to find your perfect fit. 

What is the difference between a “Skinny” jean, a “Legging” and a “Jegging?” 


A skinny jean is going to be fairly fitted all the way down your leg. It will be snug in your thighs and calves but they won’t be tight around your ankles. Skinny jeans are still one of the most popular styles out there because it’s so versatile! You can wear them with tall boots, booties, heels, flats, sneakers & sandals. Skinny Jeans are mostly made in denim that has a little bit of stretch to hug your curves and give you that skinny silhouette. 

Our Nora and Sheridan Skinny jeans are great examples, skinny and slimming, but not too tight! The Nora has our great pull-on waistband for an extra slimming feel and the Sheridan is a classic skinny with our contoured waistband so it won’t gap at the back. Both keep you comfortable and stylish all day!


Also known as athleisure or “yoga-style” pants. These are usually made out of a non-denim, super stretchy material, like our Double Knit Ponte. Typically leggings will have a pull-on style waistband and a super skinny fit. These will be snug all the way from top to your ankles and are perfect to wear under dresses, tunics or longer tops. Leggings are usually solid colors or prints, and don’t have the same details (like pockets and sandblasting) that denim skinny jeans have. 

Our Ricki Legging is a great example of a classic legging. With a wide pull on waist band and in colors from black to deep burgundy, you’ll see why ladies love to wear leggings all day every day!


In short, a jegging is a legging made in a denim like material that is extremely stretchy. They are the ultimate skinny style because they are the perfect blend of a skinny jean and a legging. They can have a traditional button and zipper flies or elastic waistbands and can look almost exactly like a real denim jean. Jeggings are perfect for when you want a legging fit, but denim styling. Many Jeggings have basic back pockets and fun finishes like metal tacks and sandblasting like traditional denim jeans. 

The Marla Legging is our version of the jegging. Made in our Fluid & Legging Denim, it has a slim elastic waistband in denim washes that look great under dresses and longer tops as it does with classic tops. 

Now you know the difference between a skinny, a legging and a jegging! No matter what style is your favorite, JAG has your perfect fit.