Fitcode: Your Go-To Jeans Size Calculator

jeans size calculator

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a frustrating process, especially if you’re shopping online. There’s no standard sizing for women’s jeans. With so many variations in sizing with different brands and styles, it’s nearly impossible to know which jeans will fit you well. Not to mention, staring at a jeans size chart is confusing and no one wants to break out a tape measure. Luckily, JAG Jeans has teamed up with Fitcode to find a solution. Finally, women can find a perfect pair of flattering jeans online.

How Does Fitcode Work?

Find Your Perfect Fit

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Whether you wear size 0 jeans or size 24 jeans, Fitcode can help you find jeans that fit your unique body shape. Fitcode is a jeans size calculator without the hassle of measurements.

Confused? Fitcode focuses on how jeans fit instead of only focusing on size. Instead of entering measurements of your waist and hips, you take a quick six-question quiz called the Fit Quiz. The quiz asks you questions about your curves, rear, thighs, legs, size, and age. Once you finish the quiz, you receive a number called a fitcode. As you browse different styles of jeans on the JAG Jeans site, you will see badges next to jeans that have been tested on women with your same fitcode. These badges show you what jeans Fitcode recommends for your body type. They also give you details on how the jeans fit. You will feel as confident buying your jeans as you will wearing them.