Get That Raw Look: Making Frayed Hem Jeans

Frayed hem jeans

Those too long pull-on jeans aren’t doing you any good sitting in your closet. You could cuff or hem them. But, cuffs can be bulky and hems are time consuming. Instead, transform your jeans into something wearable and trendy. With this easy DIY, you will give your jeans a modern look. Create full length frayed hem jeans or crop denim shorts with raw, unfinished edges.

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  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Fabric scissors
  • Seam ripper or tweezers (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Get crafty

  1. Start your project by giving your jeans a good wash. Once your jeans are dry, iron them so the legs are straight. This will help you cut both legs evenly.

  2. Try on your jeans and make a mark with the chalk where you want to cut them. If you’re creating full length jeans, make a mark just above the ankle for a bold effect. For cropped shorts, make a mark mid-thigh. Remember, you can always cut the jeans shorter if desired.

  3. Slip off your jeans. Use the ruler to measure from the bottom of the hem to the mark. With this measurement, make a mark on the both sides of each leg of your jeans. This will help your cut straight and even on both legs.

  4. Connect the two marks on each leg with a ruler. Use the chalk to draw a straight line across each pant leg.

  5. Cut across the chalk line with fabric scissors.

  6. Try on your cut jeans and see if you like where the raw edge falls. If you would like them shorter, repeat the previous steps.

  7. Use the tweezers, seem ripper, or your fingers to pull threads that run horizontally at the new edge of your jeans. Continue pulling horizontal threads until you reach the desired frayed effect.

  8. If you want a more worn look, rub sand paper on the raw hem. You can also use the sand paper on other areas of your jeans to give them a worn, faded look.

  9. For even more fray, throw them in the dryer. If you are satisfied with the amount of fraying, hand wash and airdry your jeans for now on.

  10. Rock your new raw hem jeans or cropped denim shorts!