How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be?

How long should skinny jeans be?

Finding the perfect length for skinny jeans is practically an art. Since skinny jeans are form fitting, finding the perfect fit makes all the difference. They can be unflattering if they are too short and skinny jeans that are too long can look unkempt. So how long should skinny jeans be? The length of your skinny jeans depends on how you want to wear them. With heels or flats? Scrunched, cuffed, tucked, or hemmed? This guide will give you pointers on how to find the perfect length skinny jeans for your favorite styles.

With Flats

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These jeans should be the same length as pull on jeans and hit right at your ankle bone. Since jeans shrink in the wash, you may need to stretch your jeans to this perfect length. Flats are the perfect opportunity to experiment with different color skinny jeans.

With Heels

Skinny jeans you wear with heels should be half-inch to one-inch longer than jeans you wear with flats. Longer jeans with heels make you look taller and slimmer.


In this style, your jeans will slightly scrunch from your calf at the ankle. Jeans bunched too much around your ankles make your legs look shorter. If the ends of your jeans are too clumped, try cuffing, tucking or hemming them.


For this causal look, fold the bottom of your jeans twice so they land right above your ankle bone. If you must fold your jeans more than three times, they will look too bulky. Hem them instead.


If you want a cleaner look, fold them hem of your jeans under. Like cuffing jeans, your jeans will look bulking if you have too much material. You’ll need to hem them.


Call the tailor or break out the sewing machine. Hemmed jeans give a clean-cut look. Make sure to decide which style you want before you get sewing.

Here’s a jean size chart to help you find the perfect length skinny jeans:

HeightLength of Inseam
5'3" or under25"-27"
5'8" or over33"-34"