How to Make Jeans Tighter: Know What Materials in Jeans Shrink

How to make jeans tighter

To understand how to make jeans tighter, you first need to consider what materials your jeans are made of. Knowing this will give you insight on how much your jeans will shrink.

These are some common materials in jeans:


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Denim is a special weave made entirely of cotton. Denim is the primary material in jeans, and some jeans are made of 100% denim. Raw-denim jeans are made entirely of denim and shrink 7%-10% during their first wash because they are not preshrunk in a factory. However, most jeans are not made of raw-denim and are preshrunk in a factory. You can expect the average pair of jeans to shrink 3-4%.


Also called elasterell-p or elasterell, polyester is made of synthetic fibers. It does not shrink unless placed in extremely hot temperatures. If your jeans have a high percentage of polyester, they will not shrink much.


Also called elastane, spandex is shrink resistant synthetic fiber. However, spandex blended with polyester shrinks when exposed to high heat. Jeans are made with very little spandex, (about 1-2%) if at all. Spandex gives jeans a little extra stretch so they fit more comfortably.

Learn how to make jeans tighter with the best ways to shrink jeans.